In 2010 the Affordable Health Care Act was passed and put into law. One of the major changes Americans will now face is that they will be required by law to have health insurance by January 1, 2014 or pay a financial penalty. Many Americans will be eligible for help from the government because they qualify based on income to receive government subsidies, which is called the Advanced Premium Tax Credit. Others may be eligible for Medicaid a free government insurance program.

The Silver State Insurance Exchange is working with Licensed Agents to help Nevadans navigate the complex programs and determine if they are eligible for subsidies and select an insurance policy that is right for themselves and or their family . Capstone Brokerage is a Licensed Agent and can answer your questions about all aspects of the new mandate. We can help you find which plan will fit your needs best based on some basic information. Most importantly, we will help you get signed up before the deadline to avoid being penalized for being uninsured. We are Licensed Agents working with the exchange for the State of Nevada to help individuals with all their all questions.

In October there will be many options for individuals to choose from. We are here to help make the best choice for your individual needs. We will request quotes from different private local and national insurance companies to make a side-by-side comparisons of different plans available. By answering just a few simple questions we will be able to determine which benefit and coverage option will be the best for you and your family and what amount of subsidy you qualify for.

These new individual plans offered by private companies are required to cover all preexisting conditions, so no illness’ or persons will be turned away. Everything you need to make the best decision for your individual needs is available through Silver State Insurance Exchange. Everyone that wants to utilize the exchange program and avoid penalties should contact us as soon as possible before open enrollment closes and you are forced to pay the tax penalty for non-coverage.

Our services are free of charge and will help you to navigate through the new laws with ease and assurance that you are making the best decision for your healthcare needs. Contact our offices at 702-579-2250 for immediate live assistance.

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